Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Two funny things happened to me today!

Firstly, it looks like they've finally finished the IT review. We're getting a preliminary speech about it. They've chosen to give us the talk on Friday 13th.

Seconly, the local feminist group were advertising themselves. They had a cake stall. Not they they are reinforcing stereotypes or anything.

Mind you, lunchtime was a crowded with people vying for attention. There was also the Oxfam/Fair Trade cakestall (bought some of their white chocolate with almonds to try out), an oompah band turned up with guys handing out pretzels to advertise the upcoming octoberfest (their choice in muzak was not so good... chicken dance!?!!), and not to be outdone, some guys walked out on to the library lawn carrying a black coffin. I assume they were advertising a play.

I've had 2 iced coffees today plus my usual breakfast coffee. I'm bouncing a bit. Just to disturb everyone, the 1st iced coffee I bought today was a "Vanilla Ice". It's a bit sweet with the extra vanilla, but I do it just so I can ask for "vanilla ice, ice baby". In winter I order a double macchiato and call it a "Mac Daddy". Maybe I need help.


DestructoMeg said...

Maybe? heh

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

you need help.


the Chicken Dance is absolootly de rigeur for Octoberfest. it's painful, but there's no getting round it. there will always be a bunch of very drunk dudes stuffing themselves with bratwursts, swilling beer from kitsch steins, trying grope the nearest unfortunate Frau, standing on a table and trying to chicken dance all at the same time.

believe me.

ugly, but somehow essential.

vanilla is an abomination, especially in coffee. you'll be admitting you like coffee with hazelnuts or something next... then we will have to kill you.

Baggy Trousers said...

What, you missed all the teeny-boppers getting pepper-sprayed? Not even the dregs left behind? Man, the joint was rocking last night.
Tell us how you found the play tonight, BTW. Keen for some other views. I liked it.

MrSnerg said...

Mz Speedy... the chicken dance is not oktoberfesty at the best of times, but when it's lunchtime and there's no beer and no sauerkraut, it's just plain wrong.

Yeah... missed the "riots". Still trying to get a better report on those. Apparently no weapons were used apart from by police in the form of pepper spray. There was still a torn t-shirt in the middle of Anzac Pde after the play.

As for the play, I thought it was great. I liked it better than the movie version in some ways, and I thought the set was really, really well done. Costumes weren't half bad either ;-) It's just a really good story.

Miss Krin said...

You've always needed help dearie. But I can understand the ice, ice baby thing. Hooray for caffeine overdose