Saturday, April 21, 2007

Festival recap, or: Why haven't I posted the photos up already?

We camped at the festival site from the Saturday night before festival, all the way through to the Tuesday afterwards. Obviously this led to the need to wash some clothes during the week, which lead to a re-purposing of some finely crafted fire-implements.

The guild hall, although taking quite some time to build, is looking pretty good so far.

Mmmmm. Sunsets. Mmmmmm hammocks. When their powers combine:
Yay team Rowany! Alright so it looks like I'm just standing there but I'm sure I was doing something very, very important.

So how dusty was festival? This dusty:
Not sure you can quite make it out in the next photo, but we did get up to some attempts at glass-blowing at festival. Why? Ummm.... not quite sure why we did it but it amused us for hours. Unfortunately none of the "works" survived.

In my next exciting post I'll put up pictures of the Tuesday morning which was fantastically foggy. At least thats what I plan to do when I'm next avoiding doing my assignment.