Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cooks river eco festival

So in between other gardening endeavours, we took time out to go to the Cooks River Eco festival, held at Ewen Park in Hurlstone Park.

Sadly there weren't many people there to enjoy it. It was quite cool. Had a few stalls with lots of helpful enviro stuff, a few stalls about cleaning the cooks river and surrounds including information about sightings of long-nosed bandicoots in the GreenWay corridor (Iron Cove to Cooks River) that I just had no idea about. There was plenty of kids entertainment including theatre and stilt walkers, workshops for the grown-ups, and also a UNSW demo of a solar powered Wii.

We did get to eat some tasty food. I had a kafta roll and an iced lime juice. We also got some goodies like a shower timer and an LED touch light.

The river around Ewen park looks like this:There was plenty of stalls. These ones were selling jewelery, soy candles, yoga tea as well as eco information:
In the distance is the stage and solar Wii:

On the walk back to the train station, we saw some lawn that looked like this:
Any idea what these are?

Saturday out and about and around the house

So on Saturday we went out for breakfast and coffee (first coffee was from Bean Tampered in Summer Hill and was awesome, second coffee was from The Last Drop in Dulwich Hill and was much less good; glad we bought some beans from Bean Tampered!). After that, we went to some gardening places again! This was the result:

It's jasmine planted at the bottom of the lattice. The funky objet d'art looks like this front-on:
Also that day, the parrots decided to visit the tree next door. Very cool: