Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dear Diary

Well it's been a little while since I've written anything! Last weekend was kinda hectic between the engagement party on Friday night (tacked on to the back of a work xmas function), with Turkey Day on Saturday night and popping down to Melbourne for lunch. Sunday involved a small flute concert which was a relaxing way to round off the weekend.

Previous weekend involved The Cat Empire (Awesome!) and this weekend involves Yule with a tournament and feast.

I do have some photos lying around as well which should go up but this was more of a wow... it's kind of busy this time of year post.

Mmmmmm sleeeeeeep..........

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A stitch in time

Well, it's been a while since I've tried to panorama anything, and Hugin has gone to 0.6.1, so I thought I'd put together some photos I took from Mt Kiera. This is from the south lookout, looking south. Took me a while to remember how to get it to look okay, but I think it's worked.

They are weird down south.

Last weekend we took a relaxing day off and had lunch at the beach down at the 'Gong, strolled around a bit. Lovely day really. Took a few photos. Most of them were either not so great or interesting, but I was amused by these two.

First one: what happens when you throw the last few chips in to the bin at the beach?

Yes that is a bird inside the bin. No I did not put it in there.

Secondly, I found this guy kinda creepy. Also fits in with the what the hell is this guy doing here in October thing (yes it was still October when we went there).