Tuesday, November 07, 2006

They are weird down south.

Last weekend we took a relaxing day off and had lunch at the beach down at the 'Gong, strolled around a bit. Lovely day really. Took a few photos. Most of them were either not so great or interesting, but I was amused by these two.

First one: what happens when you throw the last few chips in to the bin at the beach?

Yes that is a bird inside the bin. No I did not put it in there.

Secondly, I found this guy kinda creepy. Also fits in with the what the hell is this guy doing here in October thing (yes it was still October when we went there).


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

santa: just too wrong to say anything other than... 'wrong'.

the seagull photo is triffic! :)

MrSnerg said...

Yeah that santa freaks me out. Not sure if it's the salute, his sitting on the fountain in larger than life or just the fact that he's far too early. I'm sure he's planning on taking over the world.