Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yay for funky birthday outings!

Destructomeg took me on a great outing for my birthday! It all started with bacon and egg rolls with BBQ sauce in the comfort of our own home. After that, we took a train in to the city, and then went to Cockatoo Island which has some of the Biennale stuff on it. Spent some hours there (there was lots to see). We then went back to the city and stopped in at the history of Sydney Pubs at the Sydney Justice & Police Museum before being whisked away to a fabulous dinner at Sander's restaurant in Cabarita. There's a few photos of the day which I might put up on Flickr, but in the mean time, here's some that I've tried to paste together. They are all taken from Cockatoo Island.

I am going to grumble about the quality of them. I have some trouble at the moment with the exposure blending, and the last one shows that lining up the photos at the taking them stage is also a lot harder than I realised. Anyway, here they are:

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Panorama time!

So I finally found the time to put some panoramas together. I downloaded the latest version of Hugin (they've really worked on the user interface) and put these together:

This is in Japan, on one of the bridges outside the royal gardens.

This is in Singapore, on the island of Palau Ubin looking towards the mainland.

This is another panorama at Palau Ubin looking at an old mine.

And this final one is from last weekend in Brisbane, taken from Storey Bridge.

Stuff from Japan and Singapore

So we went to Japan and Singapore last year and I haven't posted anything yet, so here's a random sample.

This was early on in the trip near Ueno or Asakusa. Just a regular street with regular people following instructions.

This is a picture of Himeji-jo. That place was far too photogenic. I took a lot of photos there.

This is one of the posts of ichi-no-tori (if we read the map correctly) in Nara. It's supposedly one of the oldest recorded/documentable gates in the country.

Here's a taste of Singapore from the shopping centre we were waiting in before heading over to Sentosa.

I also had to try one of the local desserts (and what would my blog be like without food photos anyway?). In Japan I had sweet potato flavoured soft serve amongst other delights, but here I got to try something in a natural shade of green. Well, I liked it.