Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ritmo Brasil festival, Sydney 2008

These photos were taken at the Ritmo Brasil festival in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. The festival was today, and the highlight was a performance of the Maracatu performed by Umbela Brasil. Apparently, this particular celebratory dance hasn't been performed in Australia before.

The guy in green below danced a lot. The weather was hot. Luckily he has someone to keep him well watered. It also gives you a bit of an idea of how many drummers were involved.

This was back on the stage again back at Tumbalong park.

My Parents' Garden has Funky Plants

See? Funky!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A lovely day

Had a lovely day out today. We spent quit some time at Burwood fair. I didn't take many photos there but I eventually used the ol' camera phone and took a piccie of some hungry ducks on the pond.

For dinner we ended up going out to Bagan in Strathfield. It's a Burmese restaurant. Were supposed to be going with some friend who sadly couldn't join us, but we decided that since we'd booked and we were hungry we'd go anyway. Below was one of the specials, the mango salad. Very spicy (not recommended if you don't like chilli) and very tasty.

This was the deep fried melon and some other spicy chicken whose name escapes me. Managed to take a photo of the melon before we scoffed it all.

We also had some delicious fried rice. The bill was surprisingly low, and there was so much on the menu that we are definitely going back. Mighty tasty. Oh and way too much food.