Sunday, September 07, 2008

A lovely day

Had a lovely day out today. We spent quit some time at Burwood fair. I didn't take many photos there but I eventually used the ol' camera phone and took a piccie of some hungry ducks on the pond.

For dinner we ended up going out to Bagan in Strathfield. It's a Burmese restaurant. Were supposed to be going with some friend who sadly couldn't join us, but we decided that since we'd booked and we were hungry we'd go anyway. Below was one of the specials, the mango salad. Very spicy (not recommended if you don't like chilli) and very tasty.

This was the deep fried melon and some other spicy chicken whose name escapes me. Managed to take a photo of the melon before we scoffed it all.

We also had some delicious fried rice. The bill was surprisingly low, and there was so much on the menu that we are definitely going back. Mighty tasty. Oh and way too much food.


DV said...

nom nom nom

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

so sorry we couldn't make it :-( the food looks yumful, please go again soon (with me)!

MrSnerg said...

No worries about the not making it! The food was indeed delicious and another visitation will be required. Booking seems essential as they were quite packed.