Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our courtyard has a water feature

Now that most of the foliage has been disposed of, and the water has been appropriately and mostly channeled out of the garage and down the pipe that doesn't quite go anywhere useful, this is the result during a downpour:

Gardening news with pictures!

Okay so what does our back yard view look like now without palms? Rather colourful! Yes there is still most of the debris there, but at least the flowers are nice:

And the "we're not quite sure of the name of it but apparently it's from New Zealand" tree attracts a lot of these noisy chaps which is rather nice:

And as for the vegie patch, looks like the pumpkins may yet take over the world. It hasn't been that long since they were seeds. All of these seeds were planted at the same time.

I hope the pumpkins are tasty, and I hope the chickens like the taste of the plant to keep it a bit under control!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More chicken news!

So now we've tried integrating the chickens. Yesterday we clipped the wings on the youngsters and chucked them in with Godzilla. Much squabbling. Much fighting. Decided to let them all roam around the yard and it worked a little better although they still were being menaced.

By late at night it seemed slightly better. Godzilla went to bed earlier and the other two looked forlornly at the site of their temporary house. We locked them all up overnight and it seemed not too bad. This morning there is still squabbling but they are hanging out near each other. Slowly but surely it seems to be getting better.

Chickenflash! Monday night:
So tonight, it looks like the younger pullets went to "roost" with Godzilla! They might be squabbling during the day but it looks like they are getting clever enough to sleep in the right place. Yay! (Last night Nessy did but we had to round up the last one....) The younguns are even allowed to eat food once Godzilla has finished :-) Only when she's finished....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chicken update and general farming

Just a few words on what's happening down at the farm....

So we're still keeping Godzilla separate from the pullets. Point of lay is in fact 18 weeks, and they are now 15 weeks old so 3 more weeks at the most before we shut them in the coup together to see what happens. The different food and living space is a bit of a hassle, but there's still a little too much menacing. From 18 weeks they certainly won't grow anymore, but until then we'll still need to keep up the pullet food. Fingers crossed we can cohabit them at 16 weeks and do the wing clipping.

So another weird thing... a few days ago someone stole our tulip bulbs from the front yard. Bizarre.

And our vegie patch is getting there. Beans, tomatoes, corn and pumpkins looking good. Lettuces doing mildly okay. No sign of any carrots, strawberries or the new lot of chillies.