Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gardening news with pictures!

Okay so what does our back yard view look like now without palms? Rather colourful! Yes there is still most of the debris there, but at least the flowers are nice:

And the "we're not quite sure of the name of it but apparently it's from New Zealand" tree attracts a lot of these noisy chaps which is rather nice:

And as for the vegie patch, looks like the pumpkins may yet take over the world. It hasn't been that long since they were seeds. All of these seeds were planted at the same time.

I hope the pumpkins are tasty, and I hope the chickens like the taste of the plant to keep it a bit under control!

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K said...

I miss those noisy guys. They used to wake me up every morning in summer in Newtown. Jed loved them too.

Incidentally there's a flock of parrots in London, escapees and dumped pets, that flock in Kew Botantic gardens. Bec and I saw them on an outing one afternoon and just stood there stupified and smiling. Such fun critters!