Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just doin stuff.

Well.. I managed to get my act together enough to go to Spring War! Well, actually I needed to get out of the city so it wasn't really a choice. Just needed to relax out among the trees... and the battlefield. The highlight for me was sitting in the Turkish Coffee House (a tent with some pillows and low tables), drinking turkish coffee, eating turkish delight and looking out at the trees.

Yesterday I managed to submit my assignment for my current subject. It was handed in on time and I don't think it was as bad as I thought it might be. The relaxing break was a good thing.

Workwise I am witnessing the most overly complicated office move in the history of mankind. Not that it is complicated, just that someone keeps "helping" and changing things regularly. There is always more than one "surprise du jour".

And lastly... I attempted to assemble a BBQ (early xmas prezzie from the folks) last night. There should always be one or two bits left over. It's traditional and adds to the puzzle of the whole thing. There shouldn't be 14 pieces left over. Took a while to work out where I think they should go... this time for sure! How hard can it be to assemble a BBQ? Really?!?!

I also still need to Mr Sheen my armour...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Mr Sheen?

Snerg, back away from the can.

also, Turkish coffee house? at Spring War? getoutofhere. that's a bit sophistimacated.

Peter said...

When are we invited over for a barbie?!!!!

DV said...

what raven said!!!!

MrSnerg said...

When I work out where the extra bits go! Oh... and when I get a gas bottle.

DestructoMeg said...

The Coffee House was one of the best things about Spring War- so we gave them money in the hopes that they do it again! The Coffee was good and the Turkish Delight was great. oh the Sugar!! mmmmmm. Nothing like sitting there as the sun went down waiting for dinner watching people go by, sipping coffee, eating turkish delight and gabbing to Snerg and Mz Saggy Pants.

Daylight Savings is *this* close now - when BBQs are mandatory!