Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rosewater is steeping away....

Okay, so the rosewater is busily making itself and smelling lovely. First batch has been squeezed and 2nd steeping is in progress. Might go for a 3rd, depending on how strong it tastes.

As for the Turkish Delight recipes, I'm kind of tempted to make the gelatine version, although it does seem a bit lazy. If I go for that one, it's on Epicurious here or elsewhere with extra lemon juice.

If I do it properly (with cream of tartar and heaps of sugar), I found two choices here and here. The one suggesting the pistachios was a gelatine one. Weird. I thought they would work better in the Tartar by not sinking to the bottom so easily. Oh well.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

see how much rose water you end up with. if it's going to have to be in batches anyway, try the proper way with a small batch first. that way you find out how hard/easy/funky/yummy/nasty it turns out, and you haven't used all the rose water.

there's nothing worse than trying to make too big a quantity of some recipes becfore you've tested them out. some recipes easily adapt to large quantities, some don't. and sometimes you don't have enough trays/benchspace/storage for it all anyway!

MrSnerg said...

Definately doing a test batch first. But the funny thing is that these recipes are asking for such small amounts of rosewater. They are asking for tablespoons and I'm making litres. Well... maybe 1.5. So if 1 1/2 tablespoons of rosewater makes over a litre of turkish delight, that's a lot of turkish delight.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...


well, then, it might have to make cordial as well. or find out how long it keeps and make a batch of turkish delight every week for all your lovely friends until it runs out ;)

rose water is also a facial toner, I think, isn't it?

DestructoMeg said...

yep it is Mz Speedy! And I plan to research cordigal. numnum.