Sunday, February 22, 2009

Was Sunday today!

So I did stuff! I started trimming the tree that was brushing the power lines. I was hoping to trim it fairly savagely as the tree itself is (1) not a native tree and (2) mostly strangled by ivy and (3) brushing the power lines.

I ended up going for a much more subtle trim when I found this:

I'm sure breeding season will be over soon and I'll continue then.

I also had the delightful Mr Chen and his wife drop by today. They gave us housewarming pressies :-) In fact, these:

I have seen the lychee one but never tried it. Can't remember ever seeing the pear brandy one! We were told that the way to drink it was to soak a sugar cube in it and suck on the cube. I understand why. It's pretty concentrated. Was very tasty with some ice melted in it as well as the sugar!

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