Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dredging through old photos for the panorama-ing

Hokay so there are some old photos that I meant to do this to years ago. I still need to learn to use an airbrushing tool to take care of the final bits of detail like the trimmed off sky, but apart from that they turned out okay. The first two are from my trip to Darwin in 2005. They are taken from the viewing platform of Fogg Dam. If I remember rightly Fogg Dam was built so they could harvest rice in Darwin. Only the torrential flooding and hungry native wildlife put an end to that.

The next two photos are from the Shoalhaven, taken in 2007. The first one is the view from the top of the hill at the Two Figs Vineyard.

I can't remember which vineyard the next one was. I suspect we didn't buy much wine there and only made a nuisance of ourselves (see small child in half wine barrel photo, wherever that may be...)

Well at least I did something I've been meaning to do (for a very long time) this weekend!

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