Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chicken newsflash!

After two days ago with the first of our chicken-egg events, there was no chicken news yesterday. This morning was different. Megzzzz went in to have a look, and behold! A shiny, new, warm egg!

The one on the left is our first bit of real produce (the first one was broken and leaking so probably not a great idea to eat... good point there Mz Speedy). Aaaaanyway... the left was the fresh, shiny, new egg and the right is a normal 59g egg from shop-bought free range eggs.

The yolk was smaller than usual and quite tough, but after some convincing it contributed to the omelette for breakfast.


Toasty said...

how excitement :-)

MrSnerg said...

Excitement never tasted so good!

Mousicles said...

Congratulations again.

Let's hope Elvis gets the idea soon as well.

The yolks are a little smaller than commercial eggs and the shells a little tougher. But the colour is so bright and the eggs are so fresh.

I guess the egg proportions will change as the girls mature.

MrSnerg said...

You are on the money with the yolk colour. It's awesome!

Elvis still has a way to go. The comb still isn't fully developed.