Monday, February 09, 2009

I made dinner and drank stuff

Been a while since I made salt and pepper chicken. So I did! Was also a good excuse to bowls and chopstick rests bought in Japan.

It was accompanied by the following drinks:

So what are the Taverners Honey Ales like? Well they both taste fairly strongly of Leatherwood honey. Good, bad or other, decide for yourself. The Strong Ale was lighter in colour than the Honey Ale, and sweeter. Overall that made the regular 4.0% one tastier than the 5.2% Strong Ale. While I'm drinking... we also tasted these:

They both had very strong tastes. In fact, the Wicked Elf had almost too much flavour as it warmed up, but I'd certainly drink either of them again!


anti ob said...

Sounds yum!

There's a beer here which I like but almost falls into that "too much flavour" category: Arrogant Bastard Ale I love one at the beginning of the evening, but generally don't go more than one or two a night before I move on to something a little less.... vicious.

Toasty said...

that's because it's a beer which is utterly not you, Ob :-)