Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ok... here's my attempt to panorama pictures taken from a lookout on the way to the top of the falls at Gunlom (from the previous post). I got off my butt and looked for something myself to do the panorma. I used Hugin with autopano and enblend. Results are okay but I wonder if there's any other auto blending tools out there which would help with the colour matching.


Anything girl said...

You could use Photoshop or Gimp apparently. Although "you've just got to know how to blend photos" (yes, I agree, not very helpful!!) There are tools and programs used for making Quicktime VR movies that you might be able to use also. Have a search for online tutorials - Gimp should have a few because it's open source.

This is all according to the flatmate, I take no responsibility for the vagueness.

Anything girl said...

PS look for "stitching" photographs when you search, that's what the technique is called (apparently)

MrSnerg said...

Yeah no problem with the stitching itself, more the making it look like they actually belong together. As you can see, these ones look like 4 photos stuck together. The new results above seem to be much better. Slowly learning to drive this thing! And yes Hugin and the other tools I'm using are also open source, with both Windows and Linux versions.

Still need to do the Nourlangie rock one again!