Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gunlom Revisitied

Alas, I can't actually go back there right at this minute, but at least I can still keep tinkering with the photos. Still using Hugin, but using the PTStitcher engine rather than nona and enblend. This allows for colour and brightness correction, and has a different way of blending the borders. I also leaned how to add extra contol points to control horizontal and vertical features, which has left me with a much better horizon. At least I'd like to think so. There are 2 ways to make these things better. One is to use a tripod and the other is to learn how to use the camera better to lock down all the brightness/exposure settings. Even if I only locked the camera settings, it would already have made it much better.

Edit: While I'm on a roll, here's the Nourlangie Rock and Arnhem land photo redone similarly.


Baggy Trousers said...

All of these photos are really stunning. No wonder you want to go back! Ah, the almost tangible smell of escape!


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

nice work Snerg, got some really nice results w the stitching! as for tripods, well, I love 'em, but they're a bitch to carry around. you can get wee ones to put on a higher surface than the ground, which is orright. another trick is to have a little beanbag to put on a flat surface and just rotate the camera on that. the beanbag is handy for long exposures and the like. keeps it steady.

MrSnerg said...

Thanks Speedy!

I'm not too happy with what the auto-contrast adjustments did to the clouds, but apart from that I am rather proud of the results. I do have a teeny weeny tripod, but it certainly is of limited use and carting around a real tripod (while I do have one) is as you mentioned a little impractical. The bean bag is an awesome idea though. I'll have to work on that one!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

btw - use wheat or rice as the filling - beanbag beans aren't heavy enough and real dried beans are too big.