Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kakadu in 6 easy steps

First, pop out for some rock art in Ubirr

Then hang out in Ubirr for the sunset

Enjoy the clear pools at Boulder Falls

Squeeze thorugh some rocks at Gubara

Enjoy the view from the hotel room at Kambolgie

And watch the water fall down at Gunlom (without pestering the local crocs)


DV said...

Looks like a dreadful place to go exploring. All that nasty scenery and what-not!

MrSnerg said...

Well yes it was a bit of a trial. Oh no. Another fantastic waterfall. Deary me... more spectacular views of escarpments.

I unfortunately don't have a flickr account yet so I can't torture people with more of these, but I am curious if anyone has any panorama tools they use/recommend, hopefull for free?

Cozalcoatl said...

Good stuff.
Get a Flickr account, it is cool and free for the first 200 pics.