Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New toys!

I just picked up a new towbar kit (towbar, ball and wiring harness) plus a set of roof racks. Ended up buying 'Genuine Toyota' parts because they were cheaper than anything else I could easily find anyway. Who would have thought? Still have to work out how to install them though. The towbar looks easy enough and the wiring kit may have a few tricks in it but there aren't exactly instructions with these things, so it could go either way.

Stay tuned for more exciting car news.

Looks like the wiring kit includes some instructions although I'm not convinced yet they are good ones. Once I have pulled my car slightly to pieces I will know. When my car was stolen, it had my (cheap and nasty) toolkit in it, so I'll have to get a replacement. Which means.... MORE TOYS! Yay!

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Miss Krin said...

Yay for toys and excuses to buy them!