Monday, February 05, 2007


What a weekend. We went on our last roadtrip for Aveline this weekend. It was a phenomenal experience. I was in very good company with DestructoMeg and Worldpeace_and_a_speedboat; we managed to keep the mood light the entire way and our time in Melbourne apart from the service itself. That was difficult.

We stopped in at Pheasant's Nest on the way down. We also stopped in at the Dog on the Tuckerbox, which just isn't the same anymore with the new petrol station nowhere near the dog. We also tried to get an international-roast-a-cino but they've renovated the Albury truck stop and have employed staff who seem to want to make marginally better coffee. Once again the coffee had great froth but the coffee itself was not so good. Not sure how they managed it this time but it still tasted like instant even though there was evidence of coffee grounds.

We arrived in Melbourne at ar0und 6am and wandered around Vic Markets. Amongst other things we bought some Chilli white port and had some doughnuts from the doughnut van. We had some lovely hosts who put up with us at the last minute and took us to a nice place for breakfast.

I won't write too much about the service here except to say it was remarkably unusual and very very appropriate.

In the afternoon we had a relaxing early dinner on Lygon street. Very much enjoyed. That night there was a wake in the local goth club which also seemed very appropriate. I got to meet a number of people whom Aveline had spoken highly of, and also see some faces I had not seen in years.

The next morning we had breakfast with Master Vladmir who was responsible for running the funeral, as well as Aveline's mum. It was nice to see the photos of Aveline from the birthday party she has been to not that long ago. I would also like to thank Master Vladmir for doing such an awesome job of organising as well as showing us a fabulous place for breakfast the next day. "The Illy Place" was great. Also many thanks to Kitling for more organising, Mistress LadyJane for being the MC, and to Worldpeace for letting me speak as well as doing most of the composition work, and finally to DestructoMeg for being a fabulous support for me. Don't know how well that would have gone without her there.

So that was the last road trip ever for Aveline... or was it? Stranger things have happened.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yay :)

the last Roadtrip will be forever in my mind. it was such a strangely lovely trip for such a terribly unlovely purpose.

thank you for reading the eulogy, because you saved the world from the most red-and-puffy Speedy face the world has ever seen.

and thank you to Destructo for being the most amazing friend.

you two!! ulllagooo!!*

* this is how I choose to spell it. you know what I mean :)

DV said...

I'm glad you all went and where able to support each other through a sucky time.