Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This "food" freaks me out

Yes that's right. Someone who voluntarily eats roast nori snacks and beef jerky has found an even more disturbing food. It's going too far when people come up with vegetarian jerky.


DV said...

will never understand the vegetarians who don't eat meat but eat meat flavoured or looking things.
If ytou're that desperate for a piece of bacon, eat some. If you think it's unethical to kill animals for food, don't eat stuff that tastes like something you don't want to die. It just confuses me.

Anything girl said...

OK, DV beat me to it there a tad, 'cause as a vegie, I'm not sure if or why I'd want to eat a meat-flavoured non-meat "food". There's no reason for it not to taste like tomato, or fruit, or whatever the hell it's actually made of. Unless it's made from soy, since soy tastes really pasty (hence some of the worse soy milks, and the reason so much sugar is added to soy milk...but I digress). PS I've once risked buying a product called "not bacon" and it tasted like, well, not bacon (I've no idea what it actually tasted like, it was an attempt at bacon flavour that missed. Surprise!).

I find the Vegetarian Jerky website quite hilarious..."both lines are unlike any real jerky product (and not just because they are animal-free)" ... so why the hell are they called jerky then????!!! If they're so unlike jerky, think of a more appropriate name, you doofuses!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

hmmm, I'd be calling it "Vegetarian Jerk-off".

but that would be rude! ;)

MrNw said...

My mum once made some tofu jerky. It actually tasted OK. Had a nice peppery taste.

As for why you would want to do something like this, the writers of the recipe said something like:

What we miss about eating meat was the "chew" factor.

The Tofu jerky had a very similar texture to beef jerky. Add flavour and spices and it is surprisingly similar

anti ob said...

Nothing wrong with vegetarian jerky; drying them out and spicing them heavily is the only way to make vegetarians taste any good.