Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New toys are fun!

Well.. they will be when I get time to use them. Still unpacking and putting things in useful places, but at least I got to buy new toys.

Last weekend I bought a bunch of tools (drills, bits, socket set) and some stuff in particular for the fitting the towbar to my car project. I bought the required 30mm diameter hole cutter, which of course turns out to be a specialist tool requiring a drill which can cope. So yes.. this will cost more than having it fitted but at least I have toys I will own forever! I also may need (although not sure how compulsory it is) a torque wrench. Not cheap but could be fun anyway. Jury is out on that one.

And in other shiny tool news, a new version of Hugin is out! Yay! So I may play with panoramas again (when I have the time). It does a whole swag of new projections, and improves the built-in stitching tool. It also apparently multi-threads, which would be great if I had more than one processing core. Oh well.

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