Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I met Peter Garrett! Woohoo!

Last night I was at an event organised by work, called "Meet the CEO". It's a loungechair Parkinson-like interview of random CEOs, covering life experiences and done with a good sense of humour as well. Being an employee of the faculty, I was allowed in to the VIP area. Met a lot of people... many who did not want to meet me (not exactly surprising... I have little to offer them). The only person on the distinguished guest list whom I really wanted to meet didn't show, so I ended up walking up to other random strangers and saying hello. Then it turned out that Peter Garrett was there. I may well have been mid conversation with other people whom I just met but quite frankly... I wasn't going to miss the opportunity. So I wandered up to him and had a chat. He was mild mannered and put a lot of thought in to things he said. Spoke about all sorts of stuff for about 5-10 minutes. After the main event (the 1 hour interview with the CEO of Westpac, Dr. David Morgan), the Honorable Mr Garrett had to walk past me and said "See you later, mate!". He called me mate! That's almost a first name basis!

Well it certainly made my day.


Baggy Trousers said...

You lucky duck! Sounds like you had a great night.

Mousicles said...

Topsy once yelled drunkenly at Mr Garrett from a car after an SCA demo we once did.

We did a demo for the Sydney Theatre Company where they spent a lot of money of raise a lot of money. And many stars were there to help the promotion. I got to throw cabbages to Brian Brown and the Horde got to salute the then Prime Minister Keating with live steel and various other happenings throughout the evening.

But once we had performed we got to eat and drink for free and of course, Topsy went at it with great gusto - as he does.. So when it was time to roll him into the car to drive him home we drove past a number of people on their way out including some very bored chauffeurs and one Peter Garrett on his way to his car. I'm sure he had no idea who was yelling at him, but he smiled and waved just in case.

There's our brush with fame...

DestructoMeg said...

ahh yes.. the Hail King Paul moment from the Horde!

I have only one famous person story... but I always get hit when I bring it up.. ;)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Lai, Mikey and I formed a trio, went up to High Table and reverenced to him. and he looked us all in the eye in turn and nodded. YAY for King Paul!

how I miss him and his suits and his goddamn antique clocks.

and Peter Garrett! woohoo! he and Martin Rotsey are the shy boys of the Oils. they are always the first ones to do the bolt after a gig - but always exceedingly polite and gracious if cornered for an autograph... I have only one Garrett scribble on a poster. if I had all their signatures on that poster it would be a Holy Grail... and Rotsey, I had to bail up at an obscure side-project gig for his scribbles... he is adorable. oh hell, they all are.

Garrett is obviously passionately concerned enough to be in federal politics that he puts his reticence for public life aside. it's one of the reasons I think he is amazing and wonderful. because he really IS.

sigh. my hero :)

Mr Tops said...


Mr Garret seemed entirely unpretentous .

When I waved and yelled at him he responded like I'd respond to any drunk idiot, smile and wave back.

I wonder if he was going for his car, or PT or a taxi? Unless he's a tee-totaler (possible), he's wasn't driving.

I like the thought of him going to catch a bus or train.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

in general he doesn't drink, but I don't think he's a teetotaller per se.

if he was going home (Southern Highlands) he was prob'ly driving...