Saturday, August 06, 2011

Next things being planted

Today I managed to plant a bunch of different things to see how they go. Planted were - including where the seeds came from:
  • Small gourds - Phoenix Seeds
  • Onions (creamgold) - Diggers
  • Daikon raddish - Diggers
  • Celeriac (alabaster white) - Eden Seeds
  • Silverbeet (5 colour mix) - Diggers
  • Mini cabbage - Diggers

Also, on the need to rethink list is choi sum (or was it pak choi?) Either way, they botled over winter without even thinking of making enough leaves to . Yes winter was a little warm, but still I would suggest it didn't work. The only other option I have is to plant them in the shade and see if that works better.

There are also some broccoli but they don't seem to do so well. Broccolini also bolts. I'm also trying alternatives to regular corriander. I've planted some seeds that are a different leaf type (purchased from diggers), and also a perennial corriander tasting other herb I had posted to me.


Krin said...

I thought brasicas (pak choi, broccolini, etc.) bolted when there was a variance in the water they receive.

Given the very rainy and then very dry conditions we've had, this may explain it?

MrSnerg said...

Oooh that's quite interesting! I didn't know that. I shall put them back on my try again list!

tiinam said...

Krin may be right. Our pak choi and broccolini also bolted, as did the lettuce. But I can't think of any way of smoothing out the rain for them :-/