Sunday, September 27, 2009

Notes on mixing hens and pullets

So far not so good.... Godzilla ended up with both black and white feathers flying and can terrorize the new pullets easily. Pecking order is to be established, and it isn't a fair fight.

We've separated them in to a new protected temporary cage, but they are still stalked by Godzilla. Not idea, but we'll see how they go. In 4 weeks time they should be equal size but hopefully we don't need to wait quite that long.

Edit: So it looks like Godzilla spends much of the day menacing the other two despite the cage separating them. They also know their place and hide despite the protection.

Chickenflash: 1st October - Godzilla still menacing them through the cage although they are getting a little more brave and exploring sooner.

Chickenflash: 12 October - Gradual improvements in braveness from the pullets but looks like another fortnight before we'll mix them again. They are around 14 weeks old now.


Mousicles said...

Yup. Dulcie tried to peck our new girls through the chicken wire today. Top chook is not happy about the interlopers.

Given time they will all forget what it was like before the new girls and just live together happily.

At least we can hope.

MrSnerg said...

Fingers crossed it gets better but I'm still not willing to risk it. The little pullets are still so timid....

Mousicles said...

but, boy, can they run!!!!

And the big girls have a vicious streak I've not seen before! I'm very surprised at them.

MrSnerg said...

Sad but true... and as of today (tuesday) Godzilla is still menacing the other two.