Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank you everyone!

Dear everyone,

Thank you all for the lovely presents you gave us above and beyond your presence at our wedding. We had a had a lovely dinner this weekend where we got to use some of those delightful gifts! The following two books were instrumental:

The entree section looked a bit like this:
And the dinner itself looked like this:

Sadly, we aren't as good at this as we should be because we forgot to use the splayds. There were heaps of other gifts, all very much appreciated. This is just what I managed to photograph this time around. I'm still happy that so many of you made the time to come celebrate with us!


anti ob said...

Ooh! A tigene! I only know what one is because we took a class on North African cooking a couple of weeks back - they're funky!

Toasty said...

god, I've been lusting after that particular tagine for yonks. it's such a glorious colour...