Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cities around NZ

The larger cities we went to in New Zealand were Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch. Wellington was rather unique with a thriving sense of creativity. Nelson was also artistic but a bit different, and Christchurch looked like a little slice of Europe.

These first few photos are from Wellington:

This one is a view of Wellington from on top of Te Papa museum:

And this one is a panorama of Wellington from on top of Mount Victoria. We were very lucky with the weather on this one.

This is the main strip of Nelson:

This is Christchurch square from our Hotel room:
And a cute water wheel along the Avon River, which was apparently part of the early industry in Christchurch:

And here is part of the Arts Centre, near the Botanic gardens in Christchurch.
So... Christchurch is full of cute little parks and beautiful buildings, Nelson has a Cathedral (which gave it status as a City despite the lack of population) although the world of wearable art was also very cool, and Wellington is rather arty, vibrant and modern, with everything close by. I'd visit them all again.


Mayela said...

Wow, looks fab. Nelson looks so cute. I really want to visit Wellington now. And gee you had a great room in Christchurch. I really liked Christchurch and would love to go back... must start planning the next trip I think ;)

MrSnerg said...

Wellington is very cool indeed. A lot of nifty stuff all in walking distance. We certainly scored well in Christchurch, but that was also a bit of an indulgence since it was our last night there. Also, thanks go to wotif for some good last-minute prices :-)