Monday, January 19, 2009

Why won't our chickens eat all the spiders in the yard?

I thought they were supposed to be controlling our insects. They left these behind:

Do they eat spiders or did I get the wrong ones?


Anything girl said...

Hey, Spiders aren't insects, arachnids are a whole other family. If the chooks do their job at eating the insects, though, there will be no food left for the poor spideys and they will disappear (starve? move away? who knows!)

MrSnerg said...

Heh okay true you've got me there. Spiders aren't insects. Nonetheless, they should find them equally delicious. We have seen them go for lower, more accessible spiders (obviously including ground dwelling). These are probably either too high up or big enough to look like they can bite back!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

get the wrong what, spiders or chookens?

I'm with MsAnything, you need some spiders for good ecosystems. spiders are your friends! except of course, the ones who try to eat you. bottom one looks like St Andrews Cross, although I'm no expert. they're nice.

I doubt two chooks will eat you out of an ecosystem's worth of insects and anyway, they can't get too high.