Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mmmm.... fashion and stuff

So how have I been procrastinating lately? Last night we went to the LunarMorph fashion show. Edge City has been replaced. It's now no longer part of Fashion Week, and isn't on the same weekend as Under the Blue Moon, but it's now part of Newtown's Fashion Week "Flaunt it".

It was awesome. It had motorbikes, extreme piercing with people suspended in interesting ways, someone tied up to the wall as a butterfly, quite some metres from the ground, people on stilts and rollerblades, some great clothing, an amusing compere, and was just a fantastic show all round. Only official media could take photos, but hopefully some will be posted up somewhere. Even the venue was great! It was held at CarriageWorks. I'll let the website speak for itself. **EDIT: Yes, we did get to drink a rather delightful glass of Abisinthe. Which is Absinthe. With the e. Being the French style, not the Bohemian style. It wasn't very green and was very anise flavoured, which seems to be the difference in style. Was mighty tasty and the company does sell the ice water fountain and spoons, so I might have to make an investment, but I think I prefer the taste of the Bohemian style since this one reminded me almost entirely of Sambuca. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

Afterwards, while lamenting the loss of some good bars in Newtown (not sure that The Bank will ever be the same), we ran into some friends in The Town Hall, who told us about Madame Fling Flong. Tiny bar with way too much furniture. We loved it! They also do movie nights which could be fun :)

Anyway.. that'll do for now. I might add more to this later when I next need to avoid studying!


Baggy Trousers said...

Nice to see you haven't fallen off the face of this big round thing we love so much!

How about that coffee?

Destructomeg said...

oo and the absinthe! mmmmmm

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ooooohhhhh Madame FlingFlong looks fabulous! must go there. looks like a Melbourne bar in Sydney, although possibly more pretentious, seeing as it IS in Sydney ;)

did you see their Italian week special? I imagine neither of you would be able to get there in time from work though. poo!

MrSnerg said...

Da coffee man come when da study is done.

As for Italian week, it is at a stinky time of day. Weekends are included but it would be interesting trying to get in!

Oooh yeah... we had absinthe done with a funky fountain and stuff. I should add a link for that too!