Sunday, September 17, 2006

Heaps o' stuff!

Where, oh where has my weekend gone?

I'm typing this out because firstly, I'm procrastinating. I should be doing more studying type stuff or even work-related stuff. Secondly I think my brain has had enough for the day. I can't even decide what I want for dinner.

So where did it go?

Well, on Friday night we went to see Varekai, the latest Cirque du Soleil performance. Wow. Just wow. Watching people fold themselves in half which wearing funky outfits is great! One of my favourite things was the fact that they show that they are human. You can see the expressions of "yeah! I nailed that one!" and "I rock!" before they slip back into the focussed trance of trying not to injur themselves. They guys who were juggling each other were showing the most expression. There was a huge variety of styles of entertainment. The music is played and sung live. Performers vary from amusing side-kick gags to intense juggling and working far too far off the ground. There was also the spectacular costumes tying all the acts together through a nice little story. There was also so much happening at once that I know I missed quite a few things, and if you'd see the same show a few times it would still be great. Of course, post-show was the sit around the pub waiting for traffic to clear. There had to be a rugby league game on the night we went, didn't there? It was funny watching the football-going crowd separating from the circus-going crowd.

Saturday was a stay at home and relax day. Got up late. Cooked up a nice fried up breaky. Ate it on the picnic rug out in the back yard. I like having a yard! Headed off to Newtown to buy some more coffee from Campos (the last of our supply was donated to a good cause). Ended up buying the last of their coffee of the month. It's an Ethiopian blend that I can't seem to remember the name of. Guess it doesn't matter if I can't get it again! Very tasty though. While in Newtown I bought some boats. Somebody decided to get me started on collecting "Pirates of the Spanish Main". Hmmm... something collectable. Hope I don't get too obsessive over this one. At home spent a few hours catching up on readings for my current subject. Not sure what I think of this one. It makes some good points but gets there in very odd ways.

We did of course end up spending the late hours of the evening playing Pirates. I feel the game was a success since half of the boats ended up derelict. We played with only the 2 of us, 30 points worth of ship/crew, a total of 6 wild island plus 2 home islands, with 5 coins on each. This made the game more interesting as each boat had to do at least 2 runs to clean up an island somewhere.

Sunday slept in. Couldn't decide what to have for Brekky, which didn't matter because my indecision was interrupted by a "get out of bed and come and have breakfast!" phone call. Hooray for Ms Baggy-Trousers! When we got to Envy, it turned out the Fitz 'n' Krin were also there and one of them may also have a Pirates obsession. Heh. The it was off to Burwood to meet up with DV and Nw, to go see Mic Conway and his Junk Band. They rock! Turns out I've been looking for them for around 10 years. I saw them come on before Steeleye Span at the Three Weeds (one of them.. can't remember which 3 weeds it was), and thought they were great. They did a great cover of Road to Nowhere which.... strangely... they played this time too. Anyway, back then I thought they were great but promptly forgot their name and hadn't been able to find them since. Now I own 2 of their albums. Maybe I should have asked for autographs while I was there. Ah well... anyway, Burwood festival was fun. There were some fun boats to watch, heaps of great stalls and I got to eat some strange food. I tried a Japanese noodle pizza. Was surprisingly tasty! Well, with the number of sauces and spices poured on top it wasn't that surprising. But I'd eat another one!

After that, it was time for home. Was supposed to go out again to hang out with some people again but quite frankly... too tired. Also needed to get some more study done. I've done a bit. I've also done the dishes and ordered pizza and typed this up. Hmmm... procratination, full steam ahead!


Anything girl said...

you procrastinator you... it's been a while since you blogged (Like I can talk). Sounds like lots of fun :)

MrSnerg said...

Yeah it's been a while since I've had time to write. Work is rather draining at the moment. I mainly wanted to write this to remember what a typical weekend is like at the moment. Just doing stuff and wondering where the time goes. It's fun, but when people say hey what have you been up to, I usually say "not much" because I don't think I've done that much until I look at it like this.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

so that's what happened to you! we thought you were turning up to play with tiny boats. I've just gotten home from said tiny boating. I played the Random Fog - we made it so that the fog can move about and turn. it was fun :)

DestructoMeg said...

Yeah we are both on the side of being pretty crap at the moment. And the thought of public tranporting it back to Burwood on Sunday night was less appealing than say, some sewing and Veronica Mars eps.

(Mind you, Snerg stays home to study and what happens? Blog entries and clean dishes!!!!)

Baggy Trousers said...

I had a fun weekend too! And it's great to hear about other people's.