Monday, September 25, 2006

Another fun-filled weekend!

Well... once again it is time to procratinate. I have an assignment due in just over a week (in fact, just after Spring War. Yay for timing.) and a few emails I should write, as well as work to do. So I'm a blogging. As you do.

Friday night was fun. Went to see an Aark concert. Wasn't quite as weird as the other one I went to. Didn't really push the "What is music?" boundaries but was fabulous nonetheless. Some parts sounded a lot like The Necks. Some parts sounded like a soundtrack to a 50s detective movie. I was waiting for someone in a funky suit and hat to be standing somewhere in a darkened corner of the stage. Speaking of which, the venue itself is inspiring too. The Verbruggen Hall is a beautiful hall in a great building. Anyway, it was a great gig. If you are in to music that is a bit out there, it's great.

Saturday night involved going to the St Ursula birthday feast. Not really much to say. Had a great time. Good company.

Sunday was much more fun for me. I strapped on the armour and entered the "Rowany Tournament of Champions". It was a Valhalla style tournament. Considering that the weather was hot and dry, it was a little on the gruelling side. Okay... also considering that my fitness could be a lot better, it was gruelling. I got to the point where I couldn't really throw a shot, or move my shield effectively any more so it was pointless going back on. So how does a Valhalla style tournament work? Simple! If you have a group of fighters in a large field, you play with Melee rules, meaning that you engage your worthy opponent formally. This allows for many simultaneous one on one bouts. Once you have been slain, you watch... if the person who killed you then gets killed, you return from Valhalla to take the field again! This means that to win the tournament you need to kill all who are in the tournament. In a row. There is no other way. So when there are a number of good people in the tournament, and 24 people actually in armour, this can take some time. So despite me not doing particularly well in the tournament, I had a fantastic time and I also feel the better for having had the exercise. It did leave me well exhausted for the evening and I'm feeling some of the pain today. Including the bruises. But at least I've had some fighting before I head off to Spring War next weekend!

Edit: That's right! I almost forgot. I got to see Mic Conway out and about with 2 scary looking characters while shopping at Ashfield Mall. He was rudely interrupted by the Cat in the Hat, but used the opportunity to change "you are my sunshine" to "you are my cat-in-the-hat". Apparetnly he was in town for the Ukulele festival. Not sure my attention span could cope with that much Ukulele.


DV said...

Wow, I can't believe I wasn't told about the ukelele festival. That's wahat I get for letting my subscription to Ukelele Fanciers Digest lapse : )

DestructoMeg said...

I suppose you didn't go on the last Sydney Organ Ramble either then DV?

Baggy Trousers said...

You're all weak! weak I tell you!
Not enough stamina for the bestest instruments in the world!!
And cute stummers, too...

Baggy Trousers said...

Oh yeah, and PS
I had a ball with you and the lovely destructomegs this weekend.
Thanks dudes!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

so is DV a Ukelele Fancier, or a Ukelele Fancier *Fancier*?


MrSnerg said...

Heh.. either way it's disturbing!

And Ms Baggyness... twas fabulous! Any time!