Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rage. Machine. Inevitable arrangement between them.

Still trying to rage against the machine. The Real Estate agents have come over all negotiable now. I am awaiting their next reply to avoid the going to the CTTT.

NRMA have now sent me the rest of the cheque finalising the last bit of the final stuff of the car claim except I'm not sure where they got the amount and why it doesn't add up or agree with what they said it was.

I also have an assignment due Tuesday. I've kind-of started it. Maybe.

Oh yeah... we also had some fabulous guests staying up from Melbourne. Why are they fabulous? Well for a start they helped us come 2nd in the local pub trivia last night.

Update: Well, the reagents got back to me with a counter-offer. This is getting silly. Do I care? Can I be bothered going to the tribunal? Man this is painful.

Update2: Had enough. It's over with the reagents. Just need to wait for the money to come through. Now to chase up insurance and finish that assignment.

Update3: Well the assignment is handed in on time (yesterday) and I now know where NRMA got their date for their refund from. Need to make some phone calls on that one.


DestructoMeg said...

yay for winning free grog. You can always rely on Elanor to have a brain full of STUFF!!!

DV said...

You must remain strong against the evil Real Estate Agents of Doom tm

MrSnerg said...

Actually... given current advice from Department of Fair Trading, which I'm considering, I may need to yield on this at this point.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

did you say TRIV????

MrNw said...

As far as "real" estate agents are concerned, you need to work out how much your sanity and additional time is worth. Getting a moral victory will not change them or the world.

MrSnerg said...

Speedy: Yes I did say triv!

Nw: Correctamundo. I've looked at it and it really is law of diminishing returns on trying to extricate the rest of the money. It would take a lot of research and effort, and a lot of stress. It is also possible (although unlikely) that things may not go in my favour. Since I actually have hobbies and interests outside of persuing REagents, and I've already reduced the demands by a considerable amount, the rest of it is not worth the extra sanity and effort.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...


(and my sympathies - it's agreed, your sanity is more important than the rest of the bond)