Sunday, December 05, 2010

Beans, pickles and stuff!

Not a shabby weekend. Finished most of the post-turkey-day-cleaning, although we still have a mystery hat with an unidentified owner. I also pickled the left-over jalapenos (around 400g of them). Never pickled anything before so I'm curious how these will go! I got the brine recipe from but sliced them instead. In the second jar I topped it up with carrots and onions. Looking forward to it.

We're also keeping track of our beans. So far, so good:According to Digger's club, we should get 1.2kg per vine. That's a lot of beans!

We also have this little guy who seems to be completely unafraid of the chickens:
Unafraid to the point where we recently had an egg inside the coop that was broken in to and then eaten out.