Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well that was a lovely weekend

So apart from the great weather, it's been quite fun and also productive.

Friday night started with a delicious Mexican flavoured birthday dinner with some Finlaggan for dessert.

Saturday involved ferreting around in the back yard, trying to finally fix the chicken free zone. This involved needing to move a post to a spot that had a suspicious ceramic pipe in it. Originally I thought it was some kind of water run-off, but after digging around it turned out that they were short sections that didn't interlock. And one side was a dead-end. So I was happy to remove the middle chunk to let me put the post where it needed to be for the gate to shut.

After digging, went to another delicious party in the afternoon. This party was cake themed, and not only very tasty but also had many calories. After far too much cake, I got back to things around the house. Did some late night cementing to do a little more finishing on the wall.

Sunday was another beautiful day and involved much gardening. I finished moving the fence post and fitted the latch. I also finally put up the wires for the runners to grow on. I planted some tomato seedlings, and seeds: beans, corn, and carrots. Also some lettuces, and broccolini. Also giving some coriander and tri-coloured sage a go. That was oddly difficult because the planter I went to use had soaking wet soil that wouldn't dry out, as well as far too many root eating grubs. The chickens enjoyed the grubs. I also planted some tomato seeds in some punnets. Might have to order some more seeds from Diggers in the near future, but that Plants Plus was useful for buying some seedlings and a bird bath.

After all that I had a beer and some pizza.

I think I'll sleep well tonight.


anti ob said...

Sounds lovely; what did you think of the Finlaggan?

MrSnerg said...

Finlaggan is awesome. Very recommended. If I remember rightly you are in to the peaty taste, so if you see some around, go for it!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I have some Diggers seeds, we won't be using all of them if you'd like some?

MrSnerg said...

What seeds do you have spare? Not sure where to plant anything else though. It's pretty full in the vegie patch.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I've just listed most of my fresh (is, this year's) seeds on my Folia site, username Shalimar. I haven't tagged any of them for swapping but I've got excess of most of them.