Sunday, February 10, 2008

Iron Maiden? Excellent!

Well I liked it. Nothing like 3 lead guitars. Yes they had Adrian Smith, Yanick Gers and Dave Murray. Nicko on drums, and the other two usual suspects. Freakin awesome. I still await the power of the internet to provide me with more images of the gig. Rest assured there was much fireworks, lots of giant flames, a rather large cyborg Eddie and plenty of buffoonery. They played for 2 hours. Missed the first support act (Steve Harris' daughter Lauren) since she must have been on stage for all of 5 minutes. We got in at 8:30, she was supposed to start at 8, and the 2nd support act (Behind Crimson Eyes) was abusing the crowd and winding up. Anyway... if Maiden are in the area again, I'm there.

Last weekend was Cat Empire, Beautiful Girls and Blue King Brown out at Kippax Lake. Bit of a change of gears from that gig to this one. That one was outdoorsy mini festival, and also a blast but very different. And also had trouble supplying enough beer to the masses. But there was plenty of food and stacks of good music. Coffee... hmm... less good.

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Krin said...

I had another friend attned the Iron Maiden concert who tells me that it was so good he was spitting blood from all the yelling and screaming. Oh, and possibly the packet of cigarettes he went through. It sounds spectacular, glad you enjoyed it.

I'd forgotten about that coffee at the CE gig. ergh!