Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sometimes life has a funny way....

Of putting everything in to perspective.

Coming back home today... walking up the concrete driveway of the row of flats I live in, I noticed there were 2 bunches of flowers in front of one of the garage doors. Strange I think to myself. When I get to the rear staircase, there's a handwritten note on the door that another resident was reading. Took a while to sink in what was going on.

Turned out that the young, vibrant gentleman who would have been only 30 at the most, who was running his gardening business out of the garage which now had flowers in front of it, had died in a tragic accident on the weekend.

Puts my problems in to perspective that's for sure.

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Baggy Trousers said...

I had a 'pithany of similar kind the other day. It really does slap you down, doesn't it?
So very slappy.