Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Well... for a while now I've though of becoming a Chilli farmer. Of course my lovely girlfriend told me that I already am one. Maybe she is right.
I'm fairly impressed with how much this thing has grown and flowered in a reasonably short time. Seems like the ideal window sill. Of course I also have the other chilli plants outside. They are also habanero, but different colours.


DV said...

Mr Nw's mum used to have the bestest most ginormous chili plant collection. there were about 40 I think. I think she still has all the seeds. I think she stopped because the task of watering and draining the little needy buggers got to much for her.

MrSnerg said...

They are indeed a little needy. I do give them an awful amount of water and also put in a lot of slow-release fertilizer. I now also have some fruiting habaneros of other varieties. There's a chocolate scotch bonnet and a shiny red. I'm trying to figure out how to do some kind of chilli tasting to see if there's much difference between the different habaneros. I have a feeling there is but it would be nice to somehow taste them side by side.

Pippilicious said...

Um, we too seem to have too many orangey chillis (tho' they're meant to be 'Red Hot' species. Go figure)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I bought MrM-T some diggers chilli seeds - can't remember what sort they were but definitely of the SHIT! that's HOT! variety. problem is, in Portland there isn't a very long growing season.

MrSnerg said...

Hmmm... I'm trying to figure out what kind of cunning chilli paste or sauce to make from the crop I have. They can be surprisingly prolific. I also need to take another piccy because it's grown now to be too big for indoors. Once it goes outside the fruiting will probably cease. It seems to like it warm, moist, drained, well fertilized and not too much light. I guess the warm rules out Portland for most of the year? The overnight frosting probably doesn't do them much good.

I also keep forgetting to as DV or Nw about the awesome chilli collection!

DV: I'd love to maybe grow some but unfortunately I have nowhere to put them... when I get a place with some more space for pots, any chance I can borrow some seeds? I can replace them with fresh ones if they fruit!